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Department Objectives

The department mainly develops on information technology integrations and applications combining with database system application and information management techniques. Theobject of the department is to cultivate students to be skilled in information management and practical in the filed. Three department development directions are as follows. 1. Cultivate e-Commence Programmer and Application Experts The objective is to cultivate business information system experts including the database programmer, the information system development engineer, the e-commence manger, the e-commence website engineer, the system designer, the RFID system application engineer. 2. Cultivate Enterprise Resource Planning Experts The objective is to cultivate enterprise information implement experts including the ERP software engineer, the ERP planning consultant, the ERP system engineer, the ERP system analyst. 3.Cultivate Business Intelligent System Analysis Expert The objective is to cultivate experts in business intelligent implications of enterprise applications including the business intelligent analyst, the business intelligent system engineer, the business intelligent developing engineer.